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A beautiful course that will challenge your golf game.

The common notion that you have to be a good putter to score well at Albany Country Club may not necessarily be the case. If you get on the wrong side of the hole, it may not matter how well you putt. The player that can land his approach shots on the proper side of the hole will have the best chance at contending. The fairways are fairly generous in width, which will not require precision off the tee. However, because there are several doglegs, players may be required to work the ball in either direction or risk driving through the fairway.

Albany Country Club is widely considered to be one of the most difficult courses in the Capital District and it will challenge even the best players. It will certainly provide a fair and demanding test of golf from tee to green.


Hole 1

Par 4-379 Yards

The opening hole is a relatively short, downhill, slight dogleg to the right.  Fairway bunkers sit on either side of the fairway atop a plateau looking down at the green.  Shorter hitters should play the tee ball in between the two bunkers keeping the ball at the top of the hill.  Longer players could aim their tee ball over the right bunker and carry the ball down the hill.  The second or approach shot can be played short of the green and run on or flown directly onto the green.  The green is deceptive because it slopes from the front to the back although it appears to do the opposite.

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