Guest Information

Pace of Play

Pace of Play at a private country club is one of those topics that most would rather "just go away." But it can't, as it affects the playing pleasure of everyone. If you are being "pushed" from behind, that's no fun. Or if you are waiting on every shot, that's no fun either. So what's the answer?

A round of golf at Albany Country Club should take approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes. If it's taking much more than that, there is probably a problem. The list below offers some ideas that could help.

  • Keep up with the group in front of you.
  • Record your scores on the next tee, not on the green.
  • Go to your ball with an extra club just in case.
  • Hit a provisional ball when you suspect yours is lost or out of bounds.
  • Putting out is preferred to marking short putts.
  • Play "ready golf," regardless of who may actually be "away."
  • Partners in carts should separate when the first person is delivered to his/her ball.
  • Allow faster players through.

When all is said and done, awareness of your pace of play is the answer. Your overall enjoyment of the club is of utmost importance.


10.21 USGA Rules govern all play on the Golf Course.

10.22 All matches must hold their place. The Golf Professional Staff will provide oversight on the course and may ask a group to speed up play, if they are impeding the play of others. If a group continues to impede play, the Golf Professional Staff is authorized to require the offending group to advance to the position on the course they would have attained in the absence of their slow play.

10.23 It shall be the responsibility of a player to replace divots, to smooth footprints in bunkers, and to repair ball marks on greens.

10.24 No more than four players shall be allowed in any group on the golf course during the golf season

Dress Code


Albany Country Club is a soft spike facility. Metal spikes are strictly prohibited on the golf course and in the clubhouse. The locker room attendant would be more than happy to change your spikes, although we would ask that you allow yourself a little extra time before going out to play when having this procedure done.

Appropriate golf attire is required for anyone using the Albany Country Club's golf course and practice facilities. Violations shall be reported by the Pro Shop to Management in writing for appropriate action Repeat offenders will be reported to the Board of Governors.

  1. MEN: Shirts with sleeves, collars, mock-style turtleneck crew, slacks, and Bermuda length shorts are considered appropriate attire. Shirts shall be tucked in at all times. Tank tops, tee shirts, cut offs, jeans and denim of any color, tennis attire, leggings, bike shorts or short shorts are NOT PERMITTED.
  2. WOMEN: Golf skirts, mid-length Bermuda shorts (not more than 4 inches above the knee), slacks, golf blouse or shirt both collared, mock style crew neck and sleeveless are considered appropriate attire. Halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, tee shirts, string-strap tops, tennis attire, short shorts, spandex, cutoffs, jeans and denim of any color are NOT PERMITTED. Golf shirts shall be tucked in at all times unless specifically designed to be worn on the outside, but must cover the midriff.
  3. For junior golfers: Junior golfers are subject to the same rules for dress in all golf areas as defined above.
    THIS DRESS CODE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS. Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before going onto the course. If in doubt concerning your attire or that of a guest, please check with the pro shop.
  4. Members must inform their guests of the dress code.


The style and fit of all apparel should be consistent with standards judged to be generally acceptable to the Club Membership. Members and their guests shall dress in a manner befitting the surroundings, atmosphere and specific occasions. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that their children and guests are dressed properly and neatly in accordance with the dress code.

Casual Attire or sportswear is permitted in the clubhouse, in the Grille and Helderberg Rooms, patios, locker rooms, tennis and pool facilities, and banquet rooms as decorum dictates. Casual attire may include denim, appropriate and tasteful, in any color, in good condition (no holes, rips, stains, shorts or cutoffs), with suitable waist (not baggy or drooping). Casual attire does not include t-shirts unless worn to play tennis or paddle ball. 

Men are required to wear long pants, collared or mock-style turtle neck shirts and jackets in the Albany Room or Berkshire Room or as decorum dictates. Dress standards may be waived for special activities and family functions as specified.

Ladies are required to dress in appropriate evening attire during the evening of a more formal nature in the Albany Room or Berkshire Room or as decorum dictates. Dress standards may be waived for special activities and family functions as specified.

Casual attire is permitted in the Grille room at all times unless specified.

Golf hats or visors are NOT to be worn in dining areas by men.

Golf Shirts must be tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn on the outside. For ladies, the midriff must be covered.


In consideration of all members and guests, the use of cell phones is not permitted in clubhouse dining areas, including the Grille Room Bar area. Members and guests receiving a cell phone call while in these areas must immediately leave the dining room in order to continue their conversation. Cell phones may be used in other areas.