Dining Policies


The style and fit of all apparel should be consistent with standards judged to be generally acceptable to the club membership. Members and their guests shall dress in a manner befitting the surroundings, atmosphere and specific occasion. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that their children and guests are dressed properly and neatly in accordance with the Dress Code. Management will monitor and enforce the Dress Code. Dress standards may be waived for special activities and functions when specified in the club’s newsletter or event communications.


Men are required to wear long pants, collared or mock-style turtleneck shirts and jackets during the evening of a more formal nature in the Albany Room or Berkshire Room or as decorum dictates.

Ladies are required to dress in appropriate evening attire during the evening of a more formal nature in the Albany Room or Berkshire Room or as decorum dictates.

Casual Attire or Sportswear is permitted in the clubhouse in the Grille and Helderberg Rooms, patios, locker rooms, tennis and pool facilities, and banquet rooms as decorum dictates. Casual attire may include denim, appropriate and tasteful, in any color, in good condition (no holes, rips, stains, shorts or cutoffs), with suitable waist (not baggy or drooping). Casual attire does not include t-shirts unless worn to play tennis or paddle ball.

Baseball caps, golf hats or visors are NOT to be worn in dining areas by men.

Golf shirts must be tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn on the outside. For ladies, the midriff must be covered.

If an event is advertised as 'country club casual' or 'no denim allowed,' jackets and long trousers or dress shorts for men and appropriate attire for women will be required.

Golf Shirts must be tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn on the outside. For ladies, the midriff must be covered.


Grille and Helderberg Room Casual Dining

Reservations are strongly urged at all times for these areas so that we might serve you more efficiently.

Reservations will be held for thirty minutes past the time specified. Reservations unclaimed after thirty minutes will be forfeited. All reservations must be made for a specific time. "Open" reservations will not be accepted. The kitchen will be open for dinner at 5:00 p.m. and, in all cases, the food orders must be placed with the service personnel by 9:00 p.m. Depending on the season, grille room hours may vary. Reservations can be made directly through the website.


Tables are assigned in order of when the reservation was taken. Reservations are logged in by time and window tables are filled first. Those reservations made last or "walk-ins" will be seated at the next available open table.


Age Definition for Family Dining:

  • This proposed change recognizes that many children ten years old and older are mature enough to enjoy a Grille dining experience without disturbing other members and guests.
  • As is always the case, it is the responsibility of a child's parent(s), or guardian(s), regardless of the child's age, to ensure that the child's dress and behavior is appropriate and does not detract from the experience of others dining.
  • Usual civility and courtesy required of all members applies to those eighteen and under. Children's dress must conform to the dress code. Their natural energy, exuberance and curiosity (i.e. their behavior in general) must not interfere with other members. Obviously, parents are held responsible for their children's behavior. Again, the Board has delegated its authority to the General Manager and the supervisory staff to ensure proper behavior. The Board expects parents to respond to the General Manager and staff in a positive manner. A serious violation of this rule may result in the suspension or withdrawal of Club privileges.
  • This includes adults with at least one child under ten (10) years of age

Grille Room

Families with children under (10) may be served in the designated family section of the Grille Room.

By State Law, children under the age of twenty-one may not sit at the Grille Bar.

Grille Patio Rules

Children of all ages are allowed to dine on the Grille Patio at anytime. Children between ten and eighteen may use the Grille Room when accompanied by, and seated with, an adult.


In consideration of all members and guests, the use of cellular phones is not permitted in clubhouse dining areas, including the Grille Room Bar area. Members and guests receiving a cellular phone call while in these areas must immediately leave the dining room, in order to continue their conversation. Cellular phones may be used in other areas.